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Terms & conditions

Who are we?

harwardclasshelp is one of the best exam prep service providers that has been helping students from all around the globe with their exams. We are a licensed-based registered company that has been leading the academic industry with its remarkable services to help students pass their exams with outstanding results. Thus, we work according to our well-defined policies.

After submitting the form, browsing the Terms and Conditions, and getting help from our services, the customer is liable to comply with all state of affairs mentioned. The consequences of violating our terms and conditions mentioned below will not be good.

Significant Terms
  • Request Status portrays demand progress on a particular stage.
  • 'Revision' is a changed type of the principal Product presented by the Client.
  • 'Support' is the bit of the Company's progressive structure with the critical assistance and orchestration of the Order strategy.
  • 'Quality Assurance Department' signifies the bit of the Company's legitimate structure with the critical screen and survey of the idea of Product and organization given.
  • 'Confirmation Process' is an approach required from the Client in order to assert his/her charging character to prevent coercion.
Payment Policy

We prefer online banking or credit card. Besides, any other payment method is not preferable. We assure you that our payment method is safe and secure.

Privacy Policy

harwardclasshelp respects its students' privacy the most. The information transmitted on the harwardclasshelp Website is subject to this posted Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy applies to the information we may collect from the website. The information we collect from the students is only for communication purposes. However, we have installed highly encrypted protocols to secure our students’ and tutors’ information.

Plans and Routines for Tutoring
  • Using their login credentials and our website, a student may book tutoring sessions. The list of competent tutors who are available will be displayed based on the student's grade and the selected subject. Once a tutor has been chosen, the next six weeks' worth of availability will be shown.
  • Subject to the expiration date of the learning package and the number of remaining credits in the learning package(s) purchased, the student may arrange up to 5 sessions in advance in accordance with their needs.
  • The availability of a particular teacher for certain dates and times or for any day and time cannot be guaranteed; sessions are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. To increase their chances of success, students are advised to schedule appointments far in advance.
  • A session may be postponed or canceled on the website at any moment up to 24 hours before the scheduled start time.
  • Less than 24 hours notice may be given when the student books a session, in which case rescheduling or canceling such sessions would not be permitted.
  • A student will be regarded as a "no show" if they fail to show up for a planned session without prior notification. A student's ability to schedule an advance session with harwardclasshelp may be restricted for the following three months if they have two or more "no-shows" within a month.
  • The student must use the website to sign up for a planned session at least five minutes prior to the start time. Up to ten minutes will pass before the tutor leaves.
  • If harwardclasshelp must cancel or postpone a scheduled session due to a technical or operational issue, harwardclasshelp will use reasonable efforts to contact the student as quickly as possible by phone or email and offer an alternative time or tutor if required. The student has the right to request a full refund of the fees previously paid for the scheduled sessions that harwardclasshelp canceled if the student is unable to reach an agreement on rescheduling within seven (7) days.